• Klymit Light Water Dinghy Pack Raft (LWD)

Klymit Light Water Dinghy Pack Raft (LWD)

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Brand Klymit
The Light Water Dinghy is an advanced pack raft that will beckon adventurers toward new horizons. Designed with input from pro kayakers and packrafters, Klymit's first entry into the paddle sports market has been made, and made with vigor. Featuring an advanced boat shape that tracks water and an ergonomic seating position that allows comfortable, upright, and well supported paddling position, the LiteWater Dinghy paddles well and feels good on the water. Weighing in at 33 oz and packing down to 4x9 inches, you will forget you have it in your pack. Alpine lakes and rivers are now part of your backcountry playground, stay dry canyoneering or go camp on an untouched island.
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