• Hurricane Sweetwater 126 Fishing Kayak - 2019

Hurricane Sweetwater 126 Fishing Kayak - 2019

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Brand Hurricane
The Hurricane Sweetwater 126 Fishing Kayak is the stable yet maneuverable craft you need to get away from the bank and land large fish. It features a stable hull design that accommodates all styles of casting, while maintaining the ability to track well and turn when you need it. The cockpit features a spacious design and a 1st Class Frame Seat that adjust to ensure you have comfortable, breathable back support as you paddle. The sit-on-top design provides plenty of space to stand to cast, and the Sealect Designs Footbrace System is easy to adjust thanks to its pinch-and-slide system so you can move the braces out of your way to cast. Storage options include a bow and a day hatch which secure gear and protect it from splashes, while a rear well bungee straps down your tackle box and other items that require less protection.
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