• Dagger Green Boat 11.5 Kayak

Dagger Green Boat 11.5 Kayak

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Brand Dagger
What started as a unique design for a particular race has become one of the most versatile kayaks ever dreamt up--the Dagger Green Boat 11. 5 Kayak is a longboat that defies categorization. Fast enough to win the most competitive whitewater races in the world and enough performance to navigate any waterway, the Green Boat has truly limitless potential. With stiff edges that offer the performance of a slalom kayak, and a narrow hull that carries speed while still giving stability and consistency, the Green Boat can run the steepest creeks, the most rowdiest rivers, and anything in between. Also regarded as a superior multi-day kayak, the only thing that can hold you back is your imagination.
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