• Malone MegaSport Kayak Fishing Trailer MPG535

Malone MegaSport Kayak Fishing Trailer MPG535

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Brand Malone
The Malone MegaSport Kayak Fishing Trailer is designed and built to meet the needs of the kayak angler. It is a premium marine grade trailer that can be customized with a series of optional packages that provide wet or dry gear management, protective and secure tackle transport, overhead cargo storage, lighting options, and electronics re-charging capability. The MegaSport has a 1000 lb load capacity, oversize 1 ¼ x 86 inch heavy duty load bars, and 2000 lbs. rated axle with heavy duty leaf spring suspension and the empty base trailer weight is 300 lbs. Also features pre-galvanized 11 gauge steel construction and galvanized crank assist jack stand with wheel for ease of moving and storage. Uses a 2 inch class two hitch and 4 pin electrical connector. Optional accessories pictured, made in the USA
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