• NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak

NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak

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Brand NRS
Enjoy all the features of the best fishing kayaks in a compact, convenient package with the NRS Pike Inflatable Fishing Kayak. Throw it in your rig, head to the water, air it up and go after that trophy. This stable, top-quality inflatable kayak features a rigid, self-bailing floor, plus all the bells and whistles serious anglers demand. The Pike features heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant PVC construction for long-lasting durability and the drop-stitch PVC floor inflates to exceptionally high pressure, giving you a stable, flat, rigid platform for sight fishing. Two removable skegs allow you to choose the one that is better for your tracking needs and the comfortable collapsible seat adjusts to fit, and you can position it where you like it best in the boat.
$ 995
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