• From Raft to Raft

From Raft to Raft

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In the wake of the fantastic Kon-Tiki expedition comes an account of Eric de Bisschop's dangerous raft voyage across the South Pacific and back. This incredible, suspenseful book follows a primitive raft expedition twice as long as that undertaken by the Kon-Tiki and one that encountered infinitely greater difficulties and dangers. Like Thor Heyerdahl, Eric de Bisschop embarked on his voyage to prove an ethnological theorybut a theory completely contrary to that of his Norwegian forerunner. Heyerdahl believed that voyagers from South America had visited Polynesia in prehistoric times; de Bisschop was equally certain that Tahitian sea rovers had traveled as far as Chile and Peru. After suffering unbelievable hardships during the first half of the voyage, two members of the Tahiti Nui crew abandoned the project, but de Bisschop and Alain Brun, who narrated the story to Bengt Danielsson, continued on their journey, spending thirteen months aboard the most primitive rafts. But despite the inadequacy of their vesselsall of which had a frightening tendency to break upcoupled with the dangers of attacking sharks, mutiny by a crewmember, raging storms, and near-starvation, the Tahiti Nui voyage was completed in record timebut not before a series of dramatic events occurred that were to culminate in tragic death.
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